What are the Benefits of Compostable Toilet Bags

Compostable toilet bags are now the new normal as compared to the actual toilets. This is because they are very reliable and environmental friendly. These toilet bags have a blend of minerals that have the ability to change both fluid and solid waste to gel. When you dispose of these toilet bags in normal bins or bury them up, their components turn to nature. Using these toilet bags is very essential in various ways.

  • Saves Water and Energy

When using normal toilets, you will have to use a lot of water for disposal purposes. Compostable toilet bags don’t require running water to be effective. The only water it requires comes from your body. This will spare you from worrying about water now that you can use it for other purposes such as showering.

  • Reduced Odor

Using compostable toilet bags is more efficient as compared to using a regular washroom. This is because the odor is reduced because the composting unit retains the smell which eventually converts the contents to compost. They have built-in fans which regulate the odor such that you end up smelling fresh dirt or nothing at all, unlike the sewage.

  • Saves Money

Fertilizers are very expensive to acquire. Using compostable toilet bags serves as the best alternative which helps save your money. It is way easier because you do not have to do much considering the fact that nature does the composition on its own. The nutrients tend to be richer as compared to using fertilizer thus being an incentive to switch to compostable toilet bags especially if you are into gardening.

  • Creates Compost

Depositing compostable toilet bags play a very essential role in creating compost for plants. You may not be interested in gardening however; there is nothing wrong with being environmentally conscious. The results of compositing this waste is that they are eco-friendly and very beneficial to the soil thus the need to opt for it as the best alternative.

  • No Need for Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are very essential in handling wastewater from toilets. However, the perks that come with these tanks are numerous such as the unpleasant experience when emptying them. You also had to find the appropriate place for dumping purposes. This whole process is quite gross when compared to handling a bucketful of compostable toilet bags. You are also at liberty to use the tank for alternative use such as storage of clean water.


The installation and use of the compostable toilet bags are very straightforward and not complicated. You can get the folding portable toilet seat at a friendly price from Green Elephant. This makes it very convenient and accords you with the ability to enjoy the wonders of nature at their finest.