Potty Bag

  • Actually Nourishes the Planet: These toilet bags for portable potty only begin ‘returning to the Earth’ after your child uses them, making these the bags to get if you want to pair a clean earth with a clean potty.
  • Ultra-Safe & Sanitary:Heavy duty, chemical-free, odor-blocking, waterproof the baby potty liners hold everything your toddler places inside it, and then some. potty training bags for toilet plant-based materials stay securely on the seat without sticking to your little ones bottom and making a mess
  • Fear Free: Super soft & inviting friendly, smiling and encouraging, these potty bags for toddlers help frightened little ones feel less fear about sitting atop that scary toddler travel potty and giant hole
  • Tackle Potty Training:The loving, easier, earth-friendly way—let this cute little elephant nurture potty training along. Kids love sitting atop these sweet, soft-to-the-touch travel potty liners and then getting a sticker after every success.

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