Tent Pegs




Green Elephant Titanium Tent Peg Pack – 16 Titanium Alloy Grade 5 Pegs – Outdoor Tent Stakes Variety Pack + Pouch + Peg Removal Cord – 8 Nail Pegs, 4 V Shape Pegs, 4 Ultra Light V Shape Pegs, 325g


  • TITANIUM TOUGHNESS – Titanium alloy stakes by Green Elephant beat both commercial titanium and aluminum stakes in the strength test by a landslide! Wherever you make camp, you can keep your shelter in place with the best pegs on Amazon!
  • VARIETY PACK – You never know what type of terrain you’ll pitch your tent on, so Green Elephant fills your peg pouch with three types of titanium pegs! Strike the perfect balance and bring along a variety set of pegs on all your outdoor escapades — sand and snow included!
  • TRAVEL LIGHT – Green Elephant pegs are the only ones you’ll want to have in your pack because they weigh next to nothing! Even with all 16 pegs, your kit only weighs 325 grams! That’s less than 1 POUND of extra weight to carry!
  • QUICK REMOVAL – Each titanium peg is equipped with a reflective pull cord! Swiftly and easily remove your stakes from the ground with these high-power cords. Amateur outdoorsmen and camping fiends alike will love the extra assistance!
  • FREE GIFT – To make sure you never lose your lightweight pegs, Green Elephant gives you a BONUS canvas storage pouch! Consider it our way of thanking you for letting Green Elephant be a part of your outdoor experiences!